Pollutant loads in residential buildings

Subtask 2: Pollutant loads in residential buildings

An obstacle to integrating energy and IAQ (indoor air quality) strategies is the lack of reliable method and data for estimating pollutant loads in residential buildings in the way heating/cooling loads are routinely estimated.

This subtask is to collect existing data and to a limited extent provide new data about: properties for transport, retention and emission of chemical substances in new and recycled materials, and particle transport in residential buildings under the influence of heat, airflow and moisture conditions. Collection of results from lab tests on material and room level will be part of this study. Specifically, results will be collected and analysed from tests of emission of harmful compounds under various temperature, humidity and airflow conditions, since such data under combined exposures generally do not exist today.


Menghao Qin
Associate Professor
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 45 25 40 15
1 OCTOBER 2020