Field measurements and case studies

Subtask 5: Field measurements and case studies

Subtask 5 will investigate and identify relevant case studies through a literature survey and run measurement campaigns, in well-known field test buildings, to provide data for investigation and validation in subtasks 1-4.

Several sites/climates will be proposed, and the field tests will include buildings declared as being energy efficient or recently refurbished to become so. The field tests will focus on testing and demonstrating in practice which low energy operational strategies can be used which will provide amenable indoor environments. Subtask 5 will as far as possible test buildings with the ventilation strategies, both current and novel, as identified in subtask 4.

The tests will include studies of new ventilation patterns in highly energy efficient residential buildings based on improved airtightness, increase insulation, use of materials, and possibly also new residential behavior. The field tests will be carried out in cooperation with industry partners from the previous subtasks and with building owners. The subtask will involve engineers and building owners/operators from the studied buildings. The measurement results will be used for common exercises in subtask 3 and to prove guidelines developed in subtask 4.


Jelle Laverge
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1 OCTOBER 2020